Improvements Coming to Ocala International Airport

Ocala International Airport passengers will stow their carry-on luggage and fasten their seatbelts in airplanes that will be taxiing, taking off, and landing on a new terminal beginning this December, if everything goes as scheduled.

At 17,500 square feet, the new terminal will be nearly three times the size of the current main terminal, and it will house rental car companies, a restaurant, a couple of for-rent offices, the airport’s administration, and Sheltair, its fixed-base operator. The Florida Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration, the airport, and Ocala’s Sheltair partnership are funding this exciting construction project.

In airport maintenance news, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Florida Department of Transportation will foot most of the bill to resurface the airport’s runways, which is great because no one likes a bumpy runway. This project is estimated to take nine months.

Another much-needed airport project is the upgrading of the radio equipment in its seven-story control tower. After nearly 10 years, the equipment isn’t supported by its manufacturer anymore, hence the need to make this change. The Florida Department of Transportation and the airport will pay for this necessary and overdue improvement.

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