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Things to Consider When Selecting Homeowners Insurance


If you own a home, then you need homeowners insurance. It's a good idea to shop around!

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Upcoming Events at the Reilly Arts Center


Do you want to attend some entertaining events this fall and winter? Here are some scheduled upcoming offerings at the Reilly Arts Center.

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Applying for a Mortgage? Consider Improving Your Credit Score First


Applying for a Mortgage? Consider Improving Your Credit Score First.

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How to Have a Successful Open House


Selling your home? Here's how to prepare for an open house. 

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Summer Food Safety Tips


If you like to eat outside in the summer, check out these tips on keeping food safe. 

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Thinking About Selling Your Home and Becoming a Renter?


If you're thinking about selling your home and becoming a renter, check out these things to consider.

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Surviving a Heat Advisory


Is it hot and humid outside? Here's what you can do to protect yourself during a heat advisory. 

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Ready to Buy or Sell Your Home? Make Sure You Choose the Right Agent!


Ready to Buy or Sell Your Home? Make Sure You Choose the Right Agent!

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New Ocala Pizza Place Opens


Look out, Ocala - there’s a new pizza place in town!

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How to Repel and Avoid Mosquitoes and Treat the Inevitable Bites


Mosquito season has already begun, and that means they are bugging us! Read on for tips on how to deal with them.

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Improvements Coming to Ocala International Airport


Ocala International Airport is scheduled to receive some needed improvments. Read on to find out more. 

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Is Life Stressing You Out? Why Not Try Yoga?


Don't let stress affect your heart health. Why not try yoga? 


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Spring is Here! Learn How to Live With Alligators!


Alligators emerge in the on for information on how to stay safe!

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Thinking About Adding a Cat or Dog to Your Family?


Thinking about adding a cat or dog to your family? Head to the third annual Paws and Pages Pet Expo.

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Financial Planning Tips for First-Time Home Buyers


Are you in the market to buy your first home? Your financial responsibility will be more than just a mortgage payment, so be prepared. 

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Freshen Up Your Living Spaces With Antiques


Looking to update or freshen up your decor? Why not consider adding some antiques to your mix?

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Selling Your Home? Don't Forget About Curb Appeal!


Getting ready to sell your home? What it looks like from the outside can entice or turn off potential buyers. 

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Take Advantage of the Marion County Public Library System


With three branches in Ocala, the Marion County Public Library System provides convenient access to a wealth of information and services.  

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World Equestrian Center Ocala Opening Jan 2021


Horse lovers rejoice! The grand opening date for the World Equestrian Center's new Ocala facility is January 2021. 

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Resolve to Dine at Locally Owned Restaurants in 2019


In 2019, resolve to dine at more privately-owned and operated local restaurants than chains. 

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