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Surviving a Heat Advisory

A heat advisory was recently issued for Marion County (see this article) due to high temperatures and humidity that could possibly result in heat indexes of 105+ degrees (the heat index indicates what temperature it actually feels like outdoors).

According to the National Weather Service, humid weather causes the body to feel warmer than it does in arid weather, and that can cause potentially dangerous conditions from fatigue to heat stroke.

Here’s what may happen to people during a high index event, especially outdoors or without air conditioning:

Heat index of 80-90F: Possible fatigue

Heat index of 90-103F: Possible heat stroke/cramps/exhaustion

Heat index of 103-124F: Heat cramps/exhaustion likely; possible heat stroke

Heat index of 125 or higher: Heat stroke highly likely

So, how can you protect yourself and others when the heat index is high?

*Drink plenty of fluids and avoid beverages with caffeine or alcohol

*Stay inside, preferably in an air-conditioned building or room; if you don’t have a/c, try to visit a place that does, such as a friend’s house, a mall, or a movie theatre

*Be sure to check on relatives and neighbors who don't have a/c

*If you must go outdoors, stay out of the sun and wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes

*Don’t forget about your pets! Bring them inside if possible (or check on them frequently), and make sure plenty of water is available

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