How to Have a Successful Open House

Selling your home? Your real estate agent (or you if you're not using an agent) will want to host an open house to lure as many potential buyers as possible into seeing your beautiful home (and hopefully you will receive multiple offers as a result). 

Here are some tips on how to prepare your house for this important event.

Clean and tidy up everything – both inside and outside: Open house attendees may tour your home and property quickly, but they are also going to be quickly looking at everything from the landscaping to the bathroom. Don’t turn them off with an unkempt yard or an unclean sink.

Declutter: Doesn’t seeing clutter stress you out? Well, it stresses buyers out, too, and prevents them from focusing on the home itself. Decluttering is also a personal benefit to you, so just do it!

Don’t display personal items: How can buyers picture making a home their own if your wedding photos and bowling trophies are all over the place?

Stage it: That being said, empty rooms are boring and may make it difficult for buyers to get a sense of how their furniture might fit or be arranged. So, make sure you have furniture and some generic accessories like vases and throw pillows on display.

Best of luck with your upcoming open house, and for even more tips, check out this article.



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