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5 Super Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

by Deb Ingram

There is nowhere in Florida more beautiful than Ocala and Marion County in the fall. As the temperature and humidity ebb, sunsets become more brilliant, pastures more serene, and oak trees grander. We have pulled together five of our favorite easy and affordable fall decorating ideas to help you bring the beauty of fall into your home. If you are new to Ocala and need us to point you towards resources in our city, just ask us!


  1. Use plants and cuttings. Plants such as chrysanthemums, pansies, croton, purple fountain grass, and flowering kale add beautiful color inside or out, and help take up space without costing a lot. Use potted plants on your porch, in the foyer, or on your fireplace hearth. Plant cuttings from your yard can be used in a variety of ways. Take your clippers and a basket outside and collect small branches, ivy, ornamental grass, flower blooms, pinecones, or seed pods. You can arrange these on your mantel or dining table with LED flameless candles and small gourds, or place branches and blooms in mason jars, vases, or tins.


  1. Think beyond orange. Love fall, but not crazy about the color orange? Don’t let that stop you. You can create gorgeous fall décor that compliments the year-round colors in your home. Try one of these color combinations: eggplant purple and dark teal, gold and burgundy red, olive green and grey, or chocolate brown and mustard yellow. Or go with all antique white with white painted pumpkins, vintage lace, china pieces, and white candles or lights.


  1. Scavenge our local antique and thrift shops. You can find some inspiration pieces that can be used in different ways year after year. How about an antique red wagon filled with pumpkins or potted mums on the front porch, or an old wooden ladder leaned against the living room wall with a plaid blanket or dried flowers hanging from the rungs? Some other things to look for are woven baskets, ceramic jugs, aluminum tubs, antique picture frames, straw hats, and vintage farm equipment.


  1. Get out the light strands. Don’t wait until Christmas to get the lights out. Lights can be used in many ways other than just stringing them around the shrubbery or roof line. Instead of a jack-o-lantern, wrap a large pumpkin in lights and let it shine. Wind lights throughout displays on your mantel, foyer or dining table. Fill large glass jars or vases with light strands. Make a display of cut bare tree branches wrapped in lights and set in a


  1. Hit the fabric store remnant table. A couple of yards of plaid flannel, animal-print fleece, or quilting fabrics can add color and texture to your decorating for very little money. And, you don’t have to sew to make use of fabric. Wrap throw pillows like a gift box and secure them with craft ribbon. Fold raw edges under and iron to make a simple table runner. Wind strips of fabric around a grapevine wreath or use them to tie big bows around your pumpkin stems. Cut fringe into the edges of a yard or two of fleece and you have a decorative throw blanket.



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