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Things to Consider When Selecting Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home, then you need homeowners insurance.

And if you watch TV, chances are you’ve been inundated with commercials for various companies (some advertise more aggressively than others).

While you may love a company’s spokesperson (or spokesanimal) or have a favorite commerical or jingle, according to, it’s a good idea to shop around for the best price and policy value, customer service, claims services, and financial strength.

Here are the top-rated five companies for each category (web sites are only listed once).

Price and Policy Value (are you getting the coverage you need at an affordable price?):

• USAA (
• Country Insurance (
• Amica Mutual (
• Auto Owner's Insurance (
• Erie Insurance Group (

Customer Service (how well does the company respond to your needs?):

• Amica Mutual
• Erie Insurance Group
• Cincinnati Insurance (
• Nationwide (

Financial Strength (is the company financially secure and able to pay claims and stay in business?):

• Progressive (
• Erie Insurance Group
• Allstate (
• Country Insurance
• Amica Mutual

Claims Services (how effectively and efficiently does the company handle the entire claims process, from submission to payment?):

• Amica Mutual
• Country Insurance
• Auto Owner's Insurance
• American Family (

So, if you need homeowners insurance or are thinking about switching companies, take the time to do some research and get the best insurance for your home. 

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