How Coronavirus is Affecting Real Estate

Like many industries, real estate is seeing some changes in how to faciliate home buying, selling, and renting during the Coronavirus pandemic. New York City is struggling mightily, but other areas are having to adapt and make difficult decisions as well. 

Some sellers do not want potentially infected people viewing their homes in person, whether by individual appointment or open house. If sellers do allow showings, there is likely no hand shaking, plenty of hand sanitizer available, and lots of surface wipedowns, including pens and doorknobs. Some agencies are offering online 3-D and FaceTime property tours instead of in person visits. 

Sellers aren't the only ones worried about the virus entering their homes and possibly infecting their surfaces; buyers are also reluctant to go from home to home and risk contracting it. 

Perhaps everyone in real estate can look forward to a bustling market when the pandemic is over. 

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