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Ocala Rated Top Place To Move To In Florida

According to data and statistics compiled by MoveBuddha, the city of Ocala is the most popular place to move to in the Sunshine State.

Comparing the numbers of how many people moved into a given city vs. how many moved out of that city in the first six months of 2022, MoveBuddha- a moving information database based online- declared that Ocala was the city of choice in the state of Florida. And it wasn't even really close.

With a whopping 514 people moving into Ocala for every 100 moving out, Ocala topped the chart with ease. Coming in a distant second place was the city of Sarasota, with 311 people moving in for every 100 moving out. In third place was St. Augustine, which saw an even 250 people moving into its city limits for every 100 to move out.

From St. Augustine on down the list of cities in Florida, the inflow to outflow numbers were a bit closer. The cities of Tampa, Palm Coast, Daytona, Melbourne, Orlando, Avon Park and Fort Myers round out the top ten, with Fort Myers seeing 214 people move in for every 100 that move out.

These numbers highlight the overall trend of Florida's popularity. The most recent US Census data shows that Florida recently eclipsed New York as the third most populated state in the United States, with about 21.5 million people.

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